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Bed linens, bath towels, and bathrobes produced by Lara will ensure your guests a positive experience. The fabrics are hand selected and chosen for their superior quality. For this reason, they are easy to machine wash and preserve their softness, color, and shape, remaining very comfortable over time. Renowned hotels all over the world have chosen to sell Lara products in-house, motivated by the requests received from their guests, using sell-through which is becoming increasingly popular.

Artisanal mastery at high levels

Driven by the love for our work, we create personalized items by hand for every space of your hotel, starting from the bedroom and bathroom, to the dining room, outdoor spaces, and the spa area. We light up any environment with custom-made products and attention to detail.

Quality is our standard

At Lara, we offer the security of products that keep their characteristics intact over time, giving your customers moments of pleasant relaxation in the bed, bathroom and living areas. Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, blankets, towels, bathrobes, and mats retain their softness, without ever fading or deforming. They last long despite frequent washings. This is because all the fabrics are made from carefully selected raw materials that are processed exclusively in Italy meticulously following regulations.

Flexibility without limits

The best way to stimulate creativity is by starting from common bases. Our catalog is a fundamental starting point to help us speak the same language. From there on, we can broaden our horizons to go beyond expectations. If you do not see something that speaks to you, we’ll help you find it in no time, thanks to the possibility of having an infinite variety of fabrics.


Behind every Lara product, starting from bed linen, are hundreds of hours of work and research. We put a lot of attention into every aspect of the project, finding the most suitable items for your hotel, which will ensure a perfect rest for your guests. We take great care in the choice of fabrics and in the creation of suitable packaging, identifying a style in line with the hotel and spa furnishings.


Lara is still led by our artisan tailors, whose passion for their work is an infallible means to make bed linen, considered among the best in the world. The best materials in the most skilled hands is the winning formula of our tailor-made production in Italy.


Punctuality in logistics. This is our goal, pursued without interruption, directly taking care of logistics, through important partnerships with the most reliable international couriers.

Premium quality is our must

Only and exclusively the best. This is what we offer to create personalized environments with items chosen by you. You can ensure unforgettable experiences for your guests and create a sophisticated atmosphere in every space of the hotel and spa.


With Lara bed linen, you can dress beds of any shape and size in your hotel. Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and blankets can be customized in every detail. Even after many washes, they will always remain comfortable, ensuring a perfect rest.

Dining Room

Your hotel's dining room will feature elegant and personalized accessories to suit your taste. You can create tablecloths, napkins, coasters, and much more with fabrics of the highest quality that are very easy to wash and very durable.


Lara's bathroom items are truly unique in texture, softness, absorbency, breathability, durability, and washability. You can give free rein to your ideas, creating different combinations of fabrics, finishes, and construction.

Outdoor spaces and spa

Outdoor spaces, gardens, and spas become true relaxation areas, where your guests find all the desired comforts. Towels and fabrics, pleasant to see and touch, fill the wellness and fitness areas with comfort. You can give your guests enchanting experiences at any time of their day.

Private Label

Lara also produces private label collections, personalizing packaging and labels. Find out more.

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