How to understand if sheets are of quality?

To understand if sheets are of quality, the first thing to consider is the type of fabric. Only raw materials (cottons, linens, etc.) with long fibers allow for the creation of very high-quality yarns.

For example

Egyptian Makò and Giza cottons, grown exclusively in the lands bathed by the Nile, have long, uniform, and smooth fibers. The climatic conditions and compliance of the soil allow the growth of cotton tufts from very long and fine fibers, which have an exceptional resistance. The fabrics produced are very soft, compact, and exceptionally durable.

Quality levels

A fabric that has a high thread density, and is therefore very prized, is technically called "very beaten fabric.” The thinner a single thread is, the higher the number of threads that can be used in the weaving. To measure the number of threads per square inch of fabric we use the Thread Count unit of measurement to evaluate both square reinforcements (percale, for example) and the special weaving methods (satin, for example).

  • Average standard fabric consists of 120 to 180 threads. 
  • Percale can be considered a good quality fabric only from 200 threads upwards. 
  • Satin, on the other hand, is made of at least 300 Thread Count. 
  • Both for percale and satin, we start talking about high-quality items when the fabrics start at 400 up to 600 threads. 
  • Luxury fabrics are positioned above 600 threads. 
  • The highest level of quality is achieved by an Extra Luxurious yarn: Giza 87 with 1000 Thread Count for percale and 1400 for satin.

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