Private Labeling
Lara is specilized in producing and supplying bed linen and in
the production of private ranges with the supply of ready-made items packaged according to specific requests from the customer.
Thanks to the ability to adapt our production to the most varied
requests together with the passion we put in our work, the collections we present have been well received in differing parts of the world.
Important houses in the bed linen field rely on Lara for the production in private labeling of their own items, a real testimonial for professionality acquired with guaranteed quality over the years.

The service offered by Lara in this field covers the usual converting operations and gives in addition:

frecciaChoice of fabrics, designs, colours, finishings.
frecciaDevelopment of a starting collection.
frecciaAddition of new designs, finishings, colours.
frecciaStudy of a personalized packaging.